In 2005, Jim Hardy coined a revolutionary concept that there were two types of golf swings - One Plane swings and Two Plane swings. This concept resonated with many because it was innovative, logical, and simple to understand. The book went on to be a best seller and changed the way many looked at the golf swing.

Now Jim is back with yet another revolutionary concept. Actually developed more than two decades ago, it has been refined continuously.

This new concept is simply called the "System of Pluses and Minuses". It enables you to understand what Jim calls your own unique "swing DNA".

By applying the concepts in this book, you can now quickly understand and correct your golf swing faults at a level so simple and fundamental that it will once again change the way many look at the golf swing.


More than 20 years ago, Jim Hardy made a presentation at the 1990 PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit in Nashville, TN. The 40 minute presentation on what he called "pluses and minuses" has since become the most requested segment in the history of the PGA's archives.

During that presentation, Jim discussed a very simple concept for diagnosing and correcting mistakes in the golf swing. It has since become the foundation for the development of The Plane Truth instructor education program and most recently the subject of Jim's third book, Solid Contact.

Now, we bring you this revolutionary concept to you in a DVD series that will forever change the way you understand your golf swing....